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Partnering in Progress

The report of Sir John Egan entitled 'Rethinking Construction' has been adopted by the DETR and the Housing Corporation as the basis for best practice in the commissioning of construction and maintenance contracts. The principles of Egan aim to change the typical adversarial atmosphere of some maintenance and repair contracts for local authorities and housing associations.

As can be seen in our Partnered Project examples, AD has a vast amount of experience of Partnering projects with Housing Associations and Local Authorities. Over the years, our experience has helped form the basis of a company wide business and improvement plan. These implemented plans involve our whole organisation adopting the culture of continuous improvement and resident based satisfaction. As a result a number of new systems and procedures have been tried and tested and where found effective have been developed and implemented thus providing the residents with the highest level of satisfaction within a Partnering environment and effective ways to monitor, review and report on service performance.

Our Partnering methodology is as follows;

  • To establish a positive relationship of mutual trust and a full understanding of the aims, objectives and requirements of the client and the reasonable expectations of residents and partners;
  • To achieve innovation, greater efficiency and reduced waste by means of collaborative working;
  • To invest in and commit to, a longer-term relationship;
  • To achieve measurable continuous improvement as demonstrated by reference to agreed KPI's;
  • To resolve problems and avoid disputes utilising partnered processes such as transparent and co-operative exchange of information, an early warning system, and full participation at core group meetings;

Partnering News and Examples

Southern Housing Group (Download pdf)

10 Year Partnering Project which sees AD undertake all cyclical Redecoration and associated repairs works for SHG in London, Essex, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and Dorset for a 10 year period. 

Catalyst Housing Partnership (Download pdf)

Partnering Project to undertake Cyclical Redecoration and Repairs projects over the past 5 years

Guinness Trust (Download pdf)

Partnered Cyclical Painting and Redecoration works to housing stock in Southern England since 2003

Metropolitan Housing Partnership (Download pdf)

Partnering of Cyclical Repairs and Redecoration works to Housing Stock.