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Experience & Expertise


The desire to be industry leaders in IT innovation in this sector has formed a large part of the company's long term business plan. There are significant skills within the company to ensure that our business plan objectives are delivered to program. We partner with a renowned IT services company, who have been involved in providing bespoke and innovative IT solutions on previous contracts with other clients for the past 9 years. We encourage our long term Partnered clients to sit down and brainstorm possible solutions to achieving better quality control and level of service using IT solutions.

We already provide a document exchange and storage area which can be seen on our website. We have provided a number of our clients, staff and residents with user names and passwords which they use to log on to a secure area of our company website; here they have access to a shared location to store and view contract documents, programme schedules, stock condition photographs, reports and a lot more. Many of our clients are already taking advantage of this facility within our Partnered projects.

We can issue an "anyone@theadgroup.co.uk" email address to our site based staff and even clients or clients representatives where required, to provide email management which can be accessed anywhere with access to the internet.

All of our contract managers, supervisors and site forepersons are issued with mobile digital assistant/communication device/digital camera combinations, which are used to provide survey details and specific details of works areas; this has been found to be useful in resolving a number of issues. A good example of their extended use is when we have to notify clients of unexpected repairs, as photos can be e-mailed to clients very quickly, thus reducing the need to visit site for smaller repair items and shortening the turnaround time.