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Sustainability & Environment

Environment - ISO 14001

Committed to Sustainability...

“Meeting the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Sustainable working practices are important to AD and we aim to work with our clients to add value to their organisation and ensure they meet their sustainability commitments. Sustainability is not just about protecting the environment; it is about achieving a balance between the environmental, economic and social needs of our communities. It is also about considering the long term effects of our actions.

AD is ISO 9001 (Quality) and 14001 (Environment) accredited.

The companies policies with regards to developing carbon products and services is well detailed in both our ISO14001 accredited quality and environmental management policy and plans, as well as the group business plan, which recognises the need for companies to develop products and services to reduce current CO2 levels and the commercial benefits that will be available to the companies involved.

The past 2 years has seen the AD Construction Group becoming increasingly active in the market for carbon and energy reduction in existing housing stock. AD Eco & Environmental Services which is part of the AD Group has undertaken in house training to all of its Gas and Plumbing Engineers in solar water heating systems. Our involvement with Viridian Solar has been especially productive and AD are now a recognised preferred installer Partner with AD and we are currently working together in a number of Pilot studies for carbon reduction projects in housing.

Further Information:

AD is committed to sustainability and sustainable working practices. How we source materials and services are fundamental to everything that we do as a company. AD Eco and Environmental Services (one of our associated companies within the AD Construction Group) are experts in the Eco market providing environmental upgrades and retrospective refurbishments to properties, providing the most ecologically sound and sustainable methods of refurbishment and improvements. Taking into consideration whole life cycle costs and environmental impact against the short term materials and delivery elements and gains to be had, we aim to source the appropriate materials and services that are sustainable for the long term benefits of the project in question.

AD understands what “sustainable” really means and aims to protect the future by securing the balance of environmental, social and economic needs for the communities within which we work. Within construction sustainable timbers are of course used as standard, but decisions are taken on a number of other aspects which all relate to the long term benefits and wins of using particular products, materials and installations, which enable the building to make long term sustainable choices that are the most advantageous, both economically and environmentally for the long term future.

AD has undertaken numerous training in environmental management and sustainability as previously stated and are placing ourselves in the market strongly for retrospective refurbishments and environmental upgrades to existing buildings and housing stock within the public sector to help reduce the impact our present buildings have on the environment. Reducing CO2 levels and output is a large part of this process.

A number of AD Contract Managers are qualified to produce Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) for the buildings which we undertake works for and will be able to monitor the present and future emissions from any buildings within our contracts to ensure that the measures taken to reduce impact demonstrate tangible results for both the client and the environment as a whole. Reducing the environmental impact of carbon emissions is a self set goal for AD.

AD is a member of the Green 500 Commitment – the Green 500 is the London Mayor’s campaign to reduce carbon emissions. AD is presently in the process of upgrading our own offices to become carbon neutral. AD will be mentored by the Green 500, vetted and scored and finally awarded an accreditation as part of this initiative when the anniversary of our sign up date is reached. This commitment will be continued annually and the results published on our website and the Green 500 publications. For further information about the Green500 please visit their website - www.green500.co.uk

AD operate a fleet management plan to reduce our environmental impact from transport and where possible use local suppliers not only to add benefit to the local community and its work forces, but also to reduce transportation costs involved with the delivery of materials. Our supply chain is vetted for their own environmental practices and they are inspected and monitored according to our own vetting procedures for their compliance with our policies and methodology.

AD staff are trained in the “AD Way” and our values and company commitments are strongly centred around Sustainable Practice and Customer Service and Quality. All of our operatives are trained to take the environmental impact we have as a business seriously and all agree to commit to our goals to operate with a social conscience in everything we do and in the ways that we work.

AD have carbon offsetting arrangements in place for our own activities and monitor these closely and at AD we actively promote carbon reduction to the communities within which we operate, providing free energy saving light bulbs as standard within social housing contracts, building upgrades and refurbishments. We aim to present our clients with free energy performance suggestions for their properties and buildings when we visit and notice potential to make the building more energy efficient. There are always many quick win, low cost solutions that can easily be incorporated into existing contracts, which may not have been considered/incorporated at the start of the procurement process and AD are always happy to provide this advice to our clients as added value and undertake the works upon their instruction. More robust energy saving surveys can of course be undertaken and we are happy to work and advise our clients through the numerous possibilities which can achieve some real long term, life cycle savings and benefits.

AD is also listed on ECO Decorators as suppliers of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials and services. www.ecodecorators.org

AD seek to continuously improve and set the standards for the industry in environmental CO2 reduction we hope to be market leaders and share best practice for the benefit of all. Presently AD is working with our existing clients to retrofit a number of social housing example properties and these case studies will be available soon to demonstrate the process of before and after, with statistics and tangible results to demonstrate our capability in this area and promote best practise within the industry to show what can be accomplished and to highlight issues and how to overcome these in future projects.

AD work to the principles of the future being in our hands and protecting the environment for future generations to come. Example energy performance information, carbon foot printing and waste plans etc are available in the appendices to demonstrate evidence of these commitments in practice.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

AD aim to give back to the local community wherever possible and work with our clients to provide local investment, such as fun days, fundraising and voluntarily services in the local community. AD staff are actively involved in charitable works, both as employees and individuals; with strong social consciences our staff take part in sponsored events for both local and national charities.

AD donate not only money, but time, skills, materials and labour to charitable causes.

"AD at work in your local community"