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Adding Value

IT Solutions - that really work

Using a bespoke approach we have implemented our company Intranet and Client Extranet. This holistic system provides work flow systems, project management, staff development management, tenant queries, complaints, site accidents, staff training, appraisals, performance measuring, performance auditing, company policies and procedures, staff handbooks and guidance and individual contract work flow, costing control, quality control monitoring, and document management. The Extranet provides us with a central platform to share all documents, reports, information, progress, contract information and countless other information to our clients and residents and is also accessible to all staff based on site for the clear instruction of company policies and procedures.

Adding Value - through effective communication

At AD we have highly skilled staff that are able to produce quality literature for tenant / resident information. The packs also act as an instruction document for all products installed, including a “What to do If...” section which contains all the necessary instructions to ensure that the resident is fully informed of how to report any problems should they arise.

Adding Value - through existing benchmarking

AD Benchmarks all of its Key Performance Indicator (KPI) data internally, from which we produce performance reports against any data collected on the projects we are running.

Code of Considerate Practice

On any site, we would seek to implement the basic principles of the “considerate constructor’s code of practice”. The Considerate Constructors Scheme is the national initiative, set up by the construction industry. Sites that register with the Scheme are monitored against a Code of Considerate Practice, designed to encourage best practice beyond statutory requirements. Further information can be found at: www.considerateconstructorsscheme.org.uk

Minimising Disruption

We recognise the need to often be the eyes and ears of our clients in matters that are perhaps not seen as part of the project we are undertaking. On many partnered contracts we have begun managing a specialist contractors for our clients via collaborative and framework arrangements.

Our experience teaches us that a major issue for residents during refurbishments and upgrades are the multiple disturbances caused while contractors seek access to property. To reduce the potential multiple disturbances to residents our tenant liaison officers thoroughly plan and organise access with the residents to ensure minimal disruption during the refurbishment period. There are major financial advantages to organising access at the same time, but equally important is that these measures reduce the multiple disturbances for the tenants.

Constant Contact

Residents are introduced to their Resident Liaison Officers (RLO) at the earliest opportunity, so that one point of contact is established. Should any resident have an issue, they know who their contact is and how to get in touch with them to discuss and resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.